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Beef Rump Steak BULK 2.0kg


A big bag of steak!


Grassfed Rump sliced and vacuum packed, lots of steak at a great price.

Skinless Chicken Breast 2kg


Very lean, chicken breast has endless options to flavour enhance. What about cutting a pocket in the fat end and jamming it full of cheese bacon and mixed herbs?

Chicken Wings BBQ Glaze 2kg


Delicious Chicken Wings covered in a sweet BBQ glaze. No preparation necessary, just open and put on the BBQ. The family will love them!

500g = 5 – 7 pieces

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Chicken Drumsticks 2kg


Economical and can be eaten hot or cold. Perfect size for school lunches with a convenient handle.

Maryland Chicken 2kg


The leg and thigh, skin on bone-in. Bake these in the webber and you will have the tastiest, crispiest chicken going!

Product is thawed from frozen.

1kg = 2 – 3 pieces

Chicken Schnitzel 2kg


Just try and talk the kids out of eating these! I don’t think so… Delicious and healthy chicken coated in a delicious, crunchy home-style bread crumbs.

500 g = 2 – 3 pieces

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