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Chicken Chops


500g pack

Diced Chicken


500g pack


Dog Bones


1kg pack



Perfect for your next BBQ, these Tongs are excellent for cooking, grilling and stir-frying.

Meaty Mince


500G Pack

Mince with Flavour


This is the regular product for most stores

500G Pack

Out Of Stock

The Slab Of Beef Pack


Weekend or weekday everyone loves a cooked breaky, grab these breakfast goodies to start your day off right

Breakfast sausages, handmade farmers bacon and the perfect breakfast partner, lamb loin chops

and just for buying a pack, you get 10% off than buying them on their own.

Pork Stirfry


Pork strips and a wok, what could be better?

Pork Diced


Chunky pork mince! Wet dish cooking is the best result for diced pork. Good with dark sauces.