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Global Pack Sausages

Our united nations peacekeeping force here, with a selection of our genuine sausage flavours from around the world. Good starter pack to get an argument going over which one is best, cause they’re all good!

2kg = 20 – 24 pieces

Summer Sizzler: BBQ Master

Your friends will talk about your legendary BBQ for years to come… The BBQ Master is for people with serious hunger! Not for the feint of heart.

The BBQ Master pack includes:

Beef Rump Steak 500g (2-3 pieces)
Beef BBQ Thin Sausages 500g (6-8 pieces)
Lamb Rump Steak 500g (2-3 pieces)
Pork US Ribs 1kg (2-3 pieces)

Summer Sizzler: Family BBQ

The biggest crowd pleaser of them all! The Family BBQ pack is guaranteed to satisfy all members of the family, no questions asked.

The Summer Sizzler Family BBQ pack contains:

– Beef Mince 500g
– Beef BBQ Steak 500g (2-3 pieces)
– Lamb Forequarter Chops 500g (2-3 pieces)
– BBQ Thin Sausages 500g (6-8 pieces)

Summer Sizzler: Mixed Grill

Want to host a BBQ with something for everyone? The Summer Sizzler: Mixed Grill is perfect and will leave everyone satisfied.

The Mixed Grill pack includes:

Beef T-Bone Steak 500g (2-3 pieces)
Lamb Forequarter Chops 500g (2-3 pieces)
Skinless Chicken Breast 500g (2-3 pieces)
Pork Loin Chop 500g (2-3 pieces)

Tasty BBQ Pack

A great little BBQ pack for 2 – 3 people! Each pack contains 2 x Premium BBQ Thick Sausages, 2 x Crumbed Rissoles, and 2 x BBQ Steaks (Minute Steaks)!

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