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Pork Stirfry


Pork strips and a wok, what could be better?

Diced Pork


Chunky pork mince! Wet dish cooking is the best result for diced pork. Good with dark sauces.

American Pork Ribs


Well just who has the best marinade for these rib ticklers? I’ll give you a tip, cola is in the ingredients! (don’t tell anyone)

1kg = 2 – 3 pieces

Pork Burger


6 x 100g pack

Pork Belly 500g


Slow roasted pork belly, who would have thought? All those cooking shows can’t be wrong.

500g = 1 piece

Pork Belly Spare Ribs 500g


Can be cooked several ways successfully real nice in a tangy bbq sauce. Have a go at making your own blend!

500g = 4 – 6 pieces

Pork Cutlet


High quality cutlets will give you flawless results.

500g = 2 – 3 pieces

Pork Fillet



Pork Loin Chop


An old time fave are these pork loin chops, and economical too!

500g = 2 – 3 pieces

Pork Medallion 500g


Great eating, and just like the fillet it’s slightly larger in size too. Great quality, lean family fare.

500g = 2 – 3 pieces

Crackling Pork Roast


Everybody loves roast pork with crackling. Incredibly good tucker in a weber. Make sure you score, oil and salt the skin for scrummy crackle!

1.2kg = 1 piece

Pork Scotch Fillet (whole or sliced)


Pork Scotch Fillet otherwise known as Collarbutt. The scotch fillet is a premium roasting cut or can be used in the slow cooker or for any of your favourite chinese dishes.


Full of flavour, its a butchers pick!