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Pork Medallion 500g


Great eating, and just like the fillet it’s slightly larger in size too. Great quality, lean family fare.

500g = 2 – 3 pieces

Crackling Pork Roast


Everybody loves roast pork with crackling. Incredibly good tucker in a weber. Make sure you score, oil and salt the skin for scrummy crackle!

1.5kg = 1 piece

Pork Scotch Fillet (whole or sliced)


Pork Scotch Fillet otherwise known as Collarbutt. The scotch fillet is a premium roasting cut or can be used in the slow cooker or for any of your favourite chinese dishes.


Full of flavour, its a butchers pick!

Chicken Schnitzel


Just try and talk the kids out of eating these! I don’t think so… Delicious and healthy chicken coated in a delicious, crunchy home-style bread crumbs.

500 g = 2 – 3 pieces

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Whole Chicken


Baked chicken! Sit the bird on top of a can of cola and taste how good a baked chicken can be.

Product is thawed from frozen.

1.5kg = 1 piece