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Premium Minced Beef 500g


Our premium quality beef mince has a lower fat content than regular mince, and represents great value for money. It’s produced only from beef cuts and then minced. Let your creative juices turn the humble mince into great tasting burgers, tacos, sausage rolls, or just about anything else you can think of!

Beef Strips


Well what needs to be said. Great in a stir fry?

Diced Beef


A very versatile product, marinate to use on the barbie or more conventional wet dishes.

Beef Eye Fillet Whole


A whole piece of grass fed Beef Eye Fillet. Incredibly tender!

1.5kg = 1 piece

Beef Osso Bucco


Traditional Italian offering, these slices from the shank are SO flavoursome and require the patience of slow cooking but the results are bellissimo!


Fillet Mignon


500g = 2 pieces

Beef Rib Fillet Steak 500g


Now we’re getting into the top end of BBQ cuts. As the beef cuts become more tender, you tend to trade a little flavour for tenderness as the muscles are “lazier”. try seasoning with sea salt or ground spices during cooking for extra zing.

500g = 2 – 3 pieces

Beef Blade Steak


500g = 3-4 pieces

Chuck Steak


500g = 3-4 pieces

Gravy Beef


500g = 3-4 pieces

Beef Rump Steak 500g


If you are looking for a great combination of taste and eating quality look no further . The rump steak is a BBQ favourite and rightly so.

500g = 2 – 3 pieces