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Diced Lamb 500g


Think curry as soon as you see diced lamb. The flavour of lamb lends itself to exotic curries and other slow cooked meals. Try the crock pot method for excellent results.

French Trim Lamb Rack


This high end lamb cut is excellent eating and once again gives great results when using closed cooking methods.

750g = 1 piece

Lamb Cutlets


Lamb cutlets. The eye muscle of the loin with a convenient handle. Work really well as stand up treats you can offer around at the pool or entertaining guests.

500g = 3-5 pieces

Lamb Loin Chops


The lamb equivalent of t-bones they are the “other end” of the loin and combine eye fillet with eye of loin.

500g = 3 – 4 pieces
1kg = 6 – 8 pieces

Lamb Shank


Braised lamb shanks are one of life’s simple pleasures. Don’t try to bbq these though, the bone can be a bit chewy!

1kg = 3 – 4 pieces