When will I get my delivery?

MeatCart deliveries are made between 9am – 5pm on the day of delivery. To find out when your delivery day is click here.

Do I have to be home for meat to be delivered?

No one needs to be home when MeatCart makes its delivery. But you do need to make sure that you come home on delivery day to collect and refrigerate your meat.

What will my meat be delivered in?

Your meat will be delivered in our specially-designed MeatCart insulated spaceage bags. Our bags have been tested and proven to hold meat at safe temperatures for at least 5 hours.

Where will my meat be left?

Our MeatCart delivery driver will leave your insulated delivery bag at your doorstep or the nearest practical spot. It would be preferable though that we leave your delivery in a shaded area. You can help us by leaving a note with your online order when you get to checkout, telling us the best place to leave your delivery.

How do I pay for my order?

Simple! MeatCart offers you a secure connection through eWAY where you can pay using a Visa or MasterCard.

What cut of meat is best?

That’s a toughie to ask a butcher, because personal preference plays a big part. But the meat industry refers to rib fillet, striploin, tenderloin, T-bone and rump as the “sweet cuts” and at MeatCart we certainly agree with that!

What is the difference between grass fed and grain fed beef?

Grass fed beef has been raised on fresh green grass pastures. Grain fed beef has been raised on pastures but has also spent time eating grain for at least 70 days before becoming a delicious steak.

Can I get the same order every week?

Yes. When you go to checkout you can choose to have your order delivered every week or every fortnight if you like. You can always change or cancel your recurring order through your account page, or call us if you need a hand on 1800 MEATCART.

How do I stop or change my recurring order?

It’s easy! Just log on and go to your account and you can cancel your next recurring order or open your next recurring order and change the items in it.

My recurring order has stopped and I don’t know why!

Are your credit card details correct? Your recurring order will continue until you either decide to cancel the order in your account page or if your details have changed and MeatCart can’t process your order. Check your credit card details to ensure your card has not expired or any other details have changed.

What should I order for my BBQ?

We love a barbie and reckon anything works on a BBQ plate. The classic choice is some sausages and steaks from our range. You might want to branch out into lamb and throw on a few loin chops, too. We love to marinade pork ribs and throw them on as well. You could also throw some steak cubes on a skewer with some vegetables pieces in between; at MeatCart we reckon if a vegetable can be barbequed it must be an honorary meat!

How many people does a 500g pack feed?

At MeatCart we have made sure we have the right size pack for every family. Our 500g packs will serve two people comfortably and three at a pinch, but why let someone go hungry? Just get two packs, or buy the 1kg option if we have offered it for that cut.

How many people does a 1kg pack feed?

Our 1 kg pack will suit an average size family (or an above average size bloke!). It will easily feed mum, dad and a couple of littlies and if you don’t use it you don’t have to lose it; any unopened portions can be frozen for next time.

Can I buy whole cuts of meat instead of steaks?

Yes. From time to time we may offer a whole primal as a special. But if you buy our steaks you don’t have to worry about trimming the primal, cutting straight and even portions and worrying about what to do with the leftovers.

How long can my meat last in the refrigerator?

Each MeatCart pack has been vacuum sealed to retain freshness and prolong shelf life. Our packs are labelled with a useby date. We would recommend that if you think you will not be able to consume your meat before the useby date then simply keep it in the original pack and store it in the freezer.

Can I freeze my meat when it is delivered?

You sure can. Freezing your MeatCart meat is fine; just make sure you keep it in the plastic pack it was delivered in.

What do I do with the bag the meat was delivered in?

Keep it! Take it to the beach or a picnic or take it shopping. These are handy, well-insulated insulated bags and should last.

Is all your meat Australian?

Absolutely fair dinkum! At MeatCart all our cuts of meat 100% Australian. We take care to make sure our product is sourced locally and that’s good news for Australian jobs.

What category of beef are Meat Cart steaks?

Official meat categories can be confusing. The Australian meat industry through Aus-Meat has a category system to grade meat and there are 13 categories. You’d think they could have made it a bit easier!
Rest assured that we sell graded meat of excellent quality. MeatCart veal is all veal, MeatCart beef is all *Y* Yearling or *YG* Young Beef meat, which means it can be no more than 36 months old. The younger the meat, the more tender it is going to be. Most of the product you get in a supermarket is an *PR* or *S* grade meat which means it can be up to 7 or 8 years old.