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Veal photoIf you thought our Beef was amazing, then you should try our tender, succulent Veal!

Sourced from the rolling pastures of New England in New South Wales, it's fairly typical for people to declare that our Veal is unreal. Use this super tender meat to make a delicious Veal Marsala, Veal Schnitzel, or a hearty Veal Goulash in winter time. Or what about some Veal Kebabs on the BBQ for a special treat!

You can buy Cutlets, Veal Rib Roast, or even Veal Oss Bucco along with traditional diced and minced options too. Our Veal Schnitzel is sliced super thin to around 5mm thickness, perfect for crumbing for that crispy crunchy taste, along with amazingly tender meat inside.

Don't forget that all of our products are covered by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee so if you don't love it, we'll send your money back with no questions asked. Now that's confidence!

"The meat is amazing! Keep up the good work and quality products." - Leanne

"I've purchased a wide selection of your products and without exception, the meat has been excellent. You've won me over." - Lorraine

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