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Lamb Strips (Lean)

Lamb Strips (Lean)

Correct Weight
Correct Weight stirfry lamb is low in fat and super healthy.

To cook the meat on its own as the basis for a dish, heat your pan to medium-high, toss the lamb lightly in a little oil, salt and pepper. Fry the meat 5-7 minutes depending on size and how you like your meat done. Just a little oil is all you need to keep sticking to a minimum and help with heat transfer. If it's not a nonstick pan, then don't stir the meat for a minute or two and that will also help avoid sticking.
SERVE 1 x 160g Correct Servings per portion
  Correct Weight
Energy 578 538
Fat - Total 5.7 4.9
Fat - Saturated 2 2.3