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Tips & Tricks to BBQ Like a Pro

Hitting the surf, topping up the tan and getting out the BBQ are three key things most Australians like to do as soon as summer hits. But whilst swimming and sunbathing are easy to indulge in, creating the perfect BBQ meal can require a bit of skill and know-how. There is nothing worse than eating undercooked food or dried out meat that has been left to frazzle on the grill for hours on end.

Despite what many people think, there is more to barbecuing than slinging food onto the grill and leaving it to cook. In fact, just by following a few simple steps, it is easy to produce a tasty BBQ meal with beautifully cooked, succulent meat, sure to impress your guests.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you heat the barbecue well before you plan to start cooking.  Make sure you are using plenty of charcoal. Ideally the coals should be glowing red and most of the flames should have died down. If you are using a gas barbecue, make sure the grill is nice and hot before you begin. Make sure your grill is clean and well oiled, so the food does not stick.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different marinades. Marinating your meat overnight in the fridge can make a significant difference to the taste and succulence of your food, so is definitely worth doing. However, make sure you take the meat out of the fridge for about 30 minutes prior to cooking in order for it to reach room temperature. When cooking, do not be tempted to keep turning the meat, as one flip is really all it needs to make sure it is cooked evenly on both sides. Do not squeeze the meat down either, as that will force out all the juices that you really want to keep contained within the meat.

There are different methods to cooking on the barbecue depending on what sort of meat you are cooking. If you are barbecuing chicken or ribs that have bones, then it is highly recommended you do not cook directly over the heat. Boneless food or cuts that are quite thick should be put directly over the heat source. Before serving it is important you check to see if the food is cooked all the way through by using a sharp knife to cut into the meat to check to see if the juices run clear.

With these tips, it’s easy to cool like a pro on your barbecue! For more advice, talk to the experts at Meatcart today.