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  • The Joy Of The Humble Sausage

    Meatcart sausages

    Why MeatCart sausages are soooooo good.
    Convenient, tasty and nutritious - what's not to like about a good sausage?

    With the mass-produced price-driven offerings that litter retail shelves these days, you could be forgiven for thinking that no one hand-makes sausages anymore. But MeatCart does. You'll only have to taste one of ours to be taken back to time when real people made sausages.

    What's in a sausage?
    At MeatCart when we say meat sausages, we mean meat sausages. Everyone has heard stories about what sausages supposedly contain and the dodgy things that go in them. Legend or fact? Well it's complicated, but we can assure you our products are based on meat and come under meat inspectors' scrutiny every day.

    Can't beat real meat
    Our sausages taste great because there is nothing but real meat in them. They're made the old fashioned way, which gives them a good texture and avoids a plastic, manufactured feel. Take, for example, our BBQ sausages which use pork to give them an authentic traditional flavour. Another benefit of pork is that pork fat does not cook out like beef fat does, which can make a sausage feel slimy and unappealing.

    The United Nations of Sausages
    MeatCart's flagship range of sausages is our 100% Australian-made United Nations range. Let the talks begin!

    Global Pack - a selection of our gourmet sausage flavours from around the world. Consider it either a peace offering or a good way to get an argument going, because they're all good and people will take to favourites.

    English Pork - a favourite from the old dart. More English than Hugh Grant tucking into a cooked breakfast in a Notting Hill cafe.

    Australian Beef - the classic, made in Australia for Australian tastes. Aussie beef at its best with premium ingredients. A guaranteed hit at your next barbie.

    American - this flavour treat originated in the Caribbean and was perfected by foodies in New Orleans. A Creole taste sensation starring Cajun spice blends.

    Greek - our savoury Souvlaki style lamb minced with Mediterranean spice blends. Has wild lemon overtones. May induce dancing.

    Canadian - a unique marriage of maple and cranberry flavours mixed with traditional herbs. Subtle enough to appeal, zesty enough to satisfy.

    Thai - a combination of traditional Thai spices with chicken & herbs. These sausages have - strangely enough - an authentic Thai flavour.

    Indian  - Tandoori flavoured with a savoury, spicy body, enhanced with delicate chilli overtones.

    Irish  - pork meat sausage with a vegetable base following age old Irish recipes. The stars here are carrot, onion, garlic and red capsicum with a mild mustard twist.

    Check out MeatCart's full range of 100% Australian-made sausages


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