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  • How to cook the perfect steak

    Cooking the perfect steak

    A butcher is a bit like a barber; we get asked all kinds of questions by our customers. Like, what do you put in your sausages? Why are butchers so cheerful? Should I leave my husband/wife/Kiwi lover?

    But the one we get most is: how do I cook a steak properly?

    1. Make your choice: there's sirloin, rump, T-bone, rib fillet and more. Here at Meatcart we cut all our beef steaks to the right thickness, otherwise you're timing will be thrown out. Also, if it's too thin it can dry out, and if it's too thick it can end up overcooked on the outer and bloody in the middle.

    2. Remove your steak from the fridge just long enough to let it reach room temperature. About 30-60 minutes depending on the time of year.

    3. Use a timer. You need precision, so grandma's old oven timer won't do the trick. A dedicated steak timer is great, but a stopwatch, digital wristwatch or smartphone will be fine.

    4. Heat your fry pan or BBQ to hot. A high temperature is important, because the steak needs to cook quickly for best flavour and tenderness.

    5. Either oil your pan/plate or coat the steak itself lightly in oil. We love grapeseed oil because its tasteless and has a higher smoking point, which means its less likely to burn.

    6. In goes your steak and the count begins: 3 minutes. A thicker cut such as OP Rib Steak needs 4 minutes per side, otherwise 3 minutes is a good rule of thumb for most beef cuts to produce a medium cooked steak. For rare go a little under, for well done go a little over. In the end, practice makes perfect.

    7. At the 3 minute mark, flip your steak once and reset your timer for another 3 minutes.

    8. Remove the steak, quickly wrap in foil and let sit for 5 minutes. Why? Because your steak hasn't finished cooking yet, and the muscles in the meat need to "relax" for best eating.

    And you're done. Serve and enjoy your steak with whatever salads, vegies, condiments, sauces and sides take your fancy. Don't forget that during cooking you can season it with sea salt or spices for extra zing.

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