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  • How to Safely Defrost Meat

    How to safely defrost meat

    Meats are usually stored in the freezer if not being cooked at the right away. When it stays there for a coupe of hours, it becomes frozen and takes time to thaw up before cooking. What do you usually do to defrost meats at home? Do you leave the meat out uncovered and away from the refrigerator for a long period of time? Or do you usually submerge it in hot water thinking that it will thaw faster?

    Well, these are just some of the improper and unsafe ways to do it. While cooking the meat properly may kill most bacteria, one can still get food poisoning as some of them can still leave harmful toxins which aren’t destroyed when cooking. Therefore, improper defrosting could still contribute to the possibility of food poisoning or acquiring other food-borne illnesses.

    Did it ever cross your mind that there is a safer way for you to defrost frozen meats at home? There are a lot of ways to choose from and here are some of the suggested ones on how to safely defrost meat.

    1. Using A Microwave
    Microwaves absorb the energy from the food placed inside it. As such, water in the food is what causes the food to be cooked. How does this work? Food particles vibrate against each other and in turn, this generates the heat for cooking. The more power used in the microwave, the faster the food will be cooked. If the power of the microwave isn’t enough, you can run it for a longer period of time.

    Choosing to use a microwave is probably the speediest method of defrosting meats. It is convenient; it saves time and does not require much of your attention. This goes especially for the small pieces of meat that you may want to consume immediately. First, you must set the microwave on a low setting or the ”defrost” setting and then place the meat in a microwave-safe container. Run the microwave for a few minutes. From time to time, you may turn the meat and continue this process to ensure that the meat is evenly thawed.

    When you choose to place the frozen meat inside the microwave, you have to make sure that you’ll cook it right after it has been thawed. This is because some of the areas of the meat may be warm and begin to cook during the thawing process. Keeping partially cooked food isn’t recommended at all since any bacteria that is present on the meat wouldn’t be destroyed and worse, it may even lead to bacterial growth. That is why you should always cook immediately after thawing.

     2. Sitting At Room Temperature
    Freezing the meat does not necessarily  mean that it would eradicate all the bacteria it contains.  This process only keeps the bacteria in a static mode for hours or days in the freezer. To defrost any kind of meat, you must store in at a temperature that is below 4 degrees Celcius. Keeping it within the safe degree of temperature is the key so as to prevent bacterial growth as they would start to multiply rapidly when you take the meat it out of the freezer. If the meat is stored at an unsafe temperature for more than 2 hours, then it might be best to discard the meat as it can be potentially hazardous to you and your family’s health. Defrosting any type of meat would call for safety precautions to prevent suffering from any food borne illnesses.

    Meat can still be cooked when it is still frozen. However, this will consume much of your time. Also, for this method, you need to ensure that the inner part of the meat is cooked thoroughly as the meat’s top layer can be deceiving most of the time. 

    If you don’t want to cook the meat while it is still frozen, then you should probably allow ample time for it to thaw up completely prior to cooking. People today ought to consider this vital practice when safely handling meat from the time it’s removed from the freezer up to the time when it is served on the table.

    Here at Correct Weight, not only do we give quality meats, but we also provide you some methods when it comes to defrosting meats at home.

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