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  • Wine And Meat: How To Pick The Best Wine For Your Meal

      Wine and Meat

    Did you know that wine and meat are perfect partners in a meal? If you are aware of the right type of wine to match perfectly with meat, you would certainly get the most out of the delicious meal that you are eating. Meatcart, not only offers top quality products for shoppers but also provides quick and easy tips on how to prepare your meat using the proper cooking technique. This can give you a direct insight on which type of wine can be the best fit for your meal. If you are interested to learn how to cook meat the easy way then consider these tips provided below and have a superb meal each and every time.

    When choosing the best wine for your selection of meat, consider this great tip. Red wine is best paired with lean beef. It’s well know that these two are a perfect match when the meal involves beef. The choices also would depend on the cut of the meat, the way it has been prepared and the sort of flavors which have been added to the dish. For grilled beef steak, you need to look for a wine that has depth with fruit or smoky oak flavour. You may try the American red Zinfandel, Spanish Roja, Cabernet or perhaps the Priorat wine as an option.

    For pan-fried meat, look for California, Washington Merlot wine, Australian Shiraz, Cabenert blends, or plain Merlot wine. For wine braised meat, choose a wine that has a complimentary taste to your food. For roasted meat, any type of wine can fit with this type of dish. You can try a lighter red wine taste such as burgundy or Pinot Noirs or if you have Carpaccio as an appetizer, try the full-flavored sparkling rose wine as an option.

    Choosing The Right Type Of Wine
    Now you know what type of wine is the best to partner with your meat preparation, it’s about time you know who and where to choose good quality wines in the Australian market. You do not want to stand in the aisle and have a hard time choosing which wine to purchase. Consider the following tips as well.

    1. Always remember that white wine is for white meat and red wine is for red meat. This is the general rule of the thumb. Just remember to enjoy your wine with your food. However, you need to select the right one for your meal. If you served a heavier meal, you need stronger wine that will match the tone of your food.

    2.For heavier sauce meals you can select wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Piedmont, Tuscan wines and many more.

    3. For spicy foods, you can choose the sweeter options such as Sancerre, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

    4 For chocolate dishes pair it with dry Cabernets

    5. For subtle textured foods, Champagne can even be the best choice.

    7. Before you go shopping for wine, you may as well do a research online and look for the type of wine that you need. Read reviews and ratings from customers who have already tried the product.

    8. Look for the label. Read all about the variety, country of origin and the name of the wine. If they offer samples and free tastings, list down your favorites so you will know what to buy.

    9. Seek assistance from the person in charge of the wine department so you can get reliable recommendation from them.

    10. Buy wines that have high ratings. This will ensure you that you only get quality, good tasting wine.

    11. Now for the final tip. You need to know the right ingredient for marinating your meat. This will not only give the meat a great taste but it will make it a lot healthier too. The secret is adding some beer or red wine in your marinade. Add it before cooking the meat. For example, 500 grams of meat will need to add 125 ml of wine or beer, one clove garlic, ginger and lemon juice.

    How To Bring Out The Flavor Of Your Meat With Wine
    Whatever wine you choose for your dish or meat, remember some of the following suggestions. This will bring out the flavour of your meat if you pair it with the right wine.

    1. For flank steak, leg of lamb, and rabbit meat go for powerful French red wine.

    2. For pork try an Italian red wine.

    3. For hamburgers and veal marsala try any red variety of wine

    4. For steak, and Osso Buco go for Italian red wine too.

    5. For barbecued beef ribs and beef stew pair it with fruity French red wine.

    6. For ham, pork and roast pork try it with fruity French wine too.

    7. For roasted steak choose the classic French wine.

    This is just a quick guide for you so you will know the perfect wine that will match the type of meat that you will prepare for meals. For more wine and meat options, just visit the Meat Cart site to find lots of tips and suggestions for your food preparations and cooking methods. You will create the best meal if you’ve got the perfect wine to which matches the taste and flavor.

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