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Portuguese Style Rump Steak

Portuguese Style Beef Rump Steak

To create your Portuguese Style Rump Steak, begin by letting the steak rest in the kitchen to ambient temperature.
Rump steak has a naturally stronger flavour than the other recognised “sweet cuts” as this muscle group is at work every day.

If you like it a little spicy, lightly spray the rump with olive oil, and sprinkle with Peri-Peri seasoning. For the less adventurous, season with a little rock salt and cracked black pepper.

Salt should only be added (if required) at the last minute as it draws out the moisture from the steak.

If you are cooking for yourself or a small number, I have found that using a sandwich press gives good results consistently and stops me overcooking the steak. It also gives great char marks on the steak too!

A little peek-a-boo under the lid of your sandwich press will guide you to a perfectly cooked steak.

For me, some baked sweet potato wedges lightly sprinkled with curry powder and a simple garden salad round off an excellent, tasty, rump & chips meal – with a twist !


Grain Fed Beef Rump Steak
Grain Fed Rump Steak
Peri-peri seasoning photo
Peri-Peri Seasoning
Salt photo
A pinch of Rock Salt
Black Pepper photo
A pinch of cracked Black Pepper
Olive oil photo
1 teaspoon of Olive Oil
Curry powder photo
Curry Powder

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