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Get Paid For Referring Friends To Meatcart

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If you ask people  what some of the biggest joys in their life are, food typically rates among the highest rated pleasures. It's no secret, we all want to improve the quality of food we're eating, not only for your own enjoyment but also for the health benefits too! But what if you could actually get paid to improve the diet of people you know?

As an employee and customer at Meatcart this is something which I have thoroughly enjoyed as I’ve been exposed to some of the most amazing food experiences. What makes it more enjoyable still is being able to share that with family and friends during weekend dinners and bbq lunches. It’s pretty rare to attend a BBQ and not have people ask me “where on earth did you get this meat!?”.

Suddenly the little bright yellow back I’ve been carrying gets a lot more attention and it’s great fun telling people about the benefits of buying from Meatcart, and seeing their surprise as they realise how they can benefit too.

This is a perfect example of word of mouth referrals, which everyone knows are the BEST forms of advertising. There is simply no more powerful recommendation than the one that comes from a trusted friend or relative.

Since we commenced operations in 2013 Meatcart has always enjoyed very strong word of mouth referrals from our fantastic loyal customer base, who eagerly tell their friends and family about where they’re getting their amazing quality meat from. While this has been a great tool to help grow our business, it also got us thinking… What if we gave people rewards when they referred other people they know?

We decided that it would be a great thing to offer people something really nice to say “thanks” for helping to spread the Meatcart message. But we didn’t want to make it a token gesture like a bumper sticker, or a branded pen that would get thrown in the bin. We wanted to offer a reward that would amaze our customers, and also show them how much we value their support!

So we decided that as a reward for referring a single customer to Meatcart, we would give that person a $20 reward!

When people learn about the rewards they quite often (myself included) begin mental calculations almost immediately. For me my internal calculator sounded something like this…

“Mum & Dad, my sister, my best mate, the neighbours (x2), all the boys (x10), people from my girlfriend’s work (x5), aunt Sharon… That’s $400 of potential rewards just off the top of my head!”

Straight away the list of people piled up, and that’s before I even considered what could be possible through my Facebook friends, or those forums that I’m active on either. When you start thinking about it, the number of potential rewards you can receive is staggering!

One other thing we wanted to do was to make sure that it wasn’t just a one-sided value proposition either, so we made sure that people who were referred by our customers would also receive a $10 discount for their first purchase just for signing up too. That certainly makes the conversation even more fun when you’re telling your friends about all the other benefits.

So how exactly do you make these referrals? It’s simple, we create a brand new website feature designed to help you refer friends, and track the progress of your referrals. Here’s how it works…

  1. Go
  2. Click the “get started” button on the page.
  3. Log in to your account (this takes you to your referrals dashboard).
  4. From there you can use any of the 4 different ways to share your unique referral link with people you know!

The referral link is the key to being rewarded when you refer someone to Meatcart. When someone clicks your link and signs up as a customer, the website essentially links their account to yours. This then triggers the $10 credit to be applied to their account, and once they make their first purchase of $30 or more, the system automatically allocated your $20 reward to your account!

You can share your referral link in 4 different ways…

  1. Sharing your referral link on Facebook.
  2. Sharing your referral link on Twitter.
  3. Sharing your referral link via email.
  4. Or manually copying and pasting your referral link onto any other website, forum, social network, or anywhere else you want!

The referrals dashboard enables you to keep track of everyone you’ve referred by email and you can also keep an eye on your rewards as they start to creep up, and when you’re ready to make your next purchase you can easily redeem the money you’ve earned as a discount, so it’s nice and easy.

There really is no better feeling than sharing something great with people you care about, except when you’re being personally rewarded for doing so… Maybe that’s a little bit better.

If you’d like to get a $20 reward every time you refer someone to Meatcart, you can get started in about 2 minutes by visiting and if you have any questions, please send an email to