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Eye Fillet Steak with Banana & Bacon

Beef Eye Fillet with Banana and Bacon photo

This cut of beef is commonly considered as the most prized cut of beef due to it’s excellent eating quality.

Tenderloin is an unused muscle, therefore lazy = tender. The trade-off though is a less flavoursome steak. Let’s get to work to remedy that shall we?

This is a quirky Eye Fillet Steak recipe that was passed to me by the highly talented Kevin Graham, at the time executive chef at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.

Make sure the silver skin is removed from the fillet, as this is inedible.

Cut a pocket in the middle of the fillet and fill with a mix of mashed banana & bacon. This can be secured with toothpicks.

Sear the outsides of the fillet in a pan until browned and take to the oven to finish off to your desired degree of done-ness.

While the fillet is ovenbound, par-cook some potatoes until soft. In the pan juices fry the taters until brown. Toss in topped & tailed fresh beans and julienne carrots.

And there you have it, an Eye fillet Queenslander!


Beef Eye Fillet photo
Beef Eye Fillet
Banana photo
1 Banana
Bacon photo
Bacon Pieces

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