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Chinese Pork Medallion

Chinese Pork Medallion photo

Among the condiment section at your favoured food retailer, grab a sachet of Chinese glaze. You can also make a honey & BBQ sauce marinade at home that will give a good result.

Oven bake the Pork  Medallion at about 160 degrees for about a half hour.

Remove the Pork from the oven, slice diagonally for presentation in the centre of the plate.

In keeping with the Asian theme knock up a stir fry from your favourite veggies (don’t overcook the veggie). If you are inclined to overcook your vegetables, do yourself a favour and blanch them. They taste so much better and the goodness is retained.

Once the julienne’d veggies are done, place a handful on top of the arranged pork and your partner will think you’re simply brilliant!


Pork Medallions photo
Pork Medallions
Honey photo
BBQ Sauce photo
BBQ Sauce

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