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7 Winter Recipes That Will Make You Love The Cold

One-pan mozzarella meatball bake

Yes it's inevitably getting colder and the days are getting shorter as we head closer to winter, but it's not all bad news... The BEST thing about winter is getting cosy with some amazing meals that will warm you from head to toe!
We've put together a list of some of the best winter recipes around at the moment that will have you racing to find the slow cooker, and preparing to release your winter master chef.

Shepherd's Pot Pie

Shepherd's pie

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A twist on the traditional pie with pastry, this delicious example uses some ceramic bowls with handles to allow you to bake the pie inside it, and simply eat right from the bowl without having to do further preparation.

Imagine sitting around the fire with the tasty combination of meat, vegetables, and creamy mashed potatoes. YUM!

Hearty Lamb & Lentil Stew

Hearty lamb and lentil stew

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Break out the slow cooker and create this incredibly tasty and tender meal on a bed of Couscous. Use diced lamb or even a cut with bone-in like shanks for even more flavour and tender meat.

Herb Roasted Chicken

Herb roast chicken

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Succulent whole roasted chicken is made even better with a simple rub of herbs and spices and served on a bed of honey roasted vegetables. This one will keep everyone quiet at dinner time.

One Pan Mozzeralla Meatball Bake

One-pan mozzarella meatball bake

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What a delicious combination of flavours, and like the Pot Pie recipe it's easy to serve in the pan it was cooked in! Once cooking is completed, simply add a small garnish to each meatball and dust with Parmesan Cheese and place on the table with a serving spoon. Servings can be scooped directly from the pan and onto the plate to go along with the sides of your choice.

Plum & Rosemary Lam Shanks

Plum and rosemary lamb shanks

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Am I the only one who wants to pick up that shank like it's a drumstick? Plum and Rosemary combine to add an amazing sweetness to that traditional taste of Rosemary and Lamb. Simple mashed potatoes and steamed green beans make this so simple, but make sure you buy extra shanks, as this one will have the family asking for seconds. Or thirds...

Pork Leg Roast With Roasted Shallots & Potatoes

Pork leg roast with roasted shallots and potatoes

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Juicy pork leg with seasoned crackling, if only it came with a pot belly stove to sit around while you eat it. Simple roast potatoes and a side of apple sauce make this an old favourite.

Traditional Roast Lamb

Traditional roast lamb

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The iconic Australian recipe is roasted with Roesmary and service with chat potatoes or vegetables or both! Add a gravy boat or mint sauce and you've got the perfect Australian experience covered. Who's hungry?

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